August 3, 2015 / eSports
Data Collected: July 17, 2015
Sample: RapidPoll of 350 US video game stream viewers

Gameplay streams from video games are becoming a popular form of entertainment for many people. Over 100 million unique viewers watch 16 billion minutes of streamed gameplay on Twitch each month. What are viewers looking for when they watch gameplay streams? We asked 350 video gamers in the US that watch video game streams why do you watch streamed or recorded PC or video games? in our latest RapidPoll. We found that there are four core motivations for viewing streamed gameplay.

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July 27, 2015 / Behaviors
Data Collected: July 15-17, 2015
Sample: RapidPoll of video game streamers in the US

The availability and viewership of streamed video games is skyrocketing. Over 1.5 million unique broadcasters stream 11 million videos per month ( What motivates these casters to stream their gameplay? In a recent RapidPoll, we asked 400 eSports streamers in the United States exactly that: When playing PC or video games, why do you stream your gameplay? We found there are a variety of extrinsic and intrinsic motivations for streaming gameplay.

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