PC Gamers and Crowdfunding, Part 2

Video game projects received $89.1M in crowd funding support on Kickstarter in 2014. In last week’s RapidPoll, we looked at crowdfunding frequency: how often do PC gamers make pledges to video game crowdsourcing projects? This week, we look at crowdfunding spending in our latest RapidPoll of 400 US PC Gamers. Where is this money coming from? Who are the gamers that are backing these projects, and how much do they spend on crowd funding annually? We asked how much money in total they had spent on video game crowd funding projects over the previous 12 months.

In this week’s RapidPoll, 40% had spent at least $1, with an average of $36 per PC gamer or $90 per crowdfunding backer (average annual spend of those who had backed with at least $1 in the past 12 months).

As in the free-to-play market, “whales” appear to be very important to the crowdfunding market. Annual contributions ranged from $3 to $1500, with about 40% of all backers spending more than $50 in the previous 12 months. The top 5% of spenders (crowdsourcing whales?) spent at least $250 in the previous 12 months and accounted for 35% of total spending.

Males are much more likely to support video game crowdfunding projects, and they spent much more than females. About 44% of male gamers had spent at least $1 compared to 30% of female gamers. The average male backer spent about $97 compared to $65 from the average female backer. (Reminder: all participants of the poll are pre-screened PC gamers, controlled for gender).

Crowdfunding spending was also more prevalent among younger gamers, with over 75% of the total spending coming from gamers under 35. Gamers age 25-34 accounted for over 50% of total spending and had the highest 12-month average spending. Only 2% of total spending came from gamers over 45.